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Introducing Timberline Solar™, Featuring the World’s First Nailable Solar Shingle

Benefits of a Solar Roof

Why You Should Make Your New Roof Solar

Timberline Solar™ from GAF Energy boasts the world’s first nailable solar shingle. The only product to integrate solar technology into existing roofing processes. It has the same hail, wind, and water-shedding capabilities as a traditional roof. It produces clean electricity at a cost that’s lower than your utility company’s rate and can even pay for itself. All backed by an industry-leading warranty. Best of all, we can install both the roofing and solar components.

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GAF Energy Solar uses sunlight to produce electricity to power your home. The more electricity you produce, the less you purchase from the utility company. If your system generates more electricity than you need, energy can be sent back to the grid. In exchange, credits to your bill can be used to offset the cost of electricity that you buy from the utility.

Process and Installation

Contact us to schedule a free inspection. You can even have a virtual meeting with our team and GAF energy for questions or potential revisions. We’ll then finalize the solar design, apply for permits and schedule the roof and solar installation. Your new roof and solar are then installed and power is on!

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When selecting the right residential roofing contractor, remember that price is just one component. You want a quality, experienced roofer who will be there for you in the future to take care of any issues, work with you on warranty claims, and treat you right. We are experts in insurance claims, and we work to ensure our customers get everything they should be from their insurance company.

If you’re interested in installing a solar roofing system, speak to one of our experts today. Join the thousands of customers that call Wilson Roofing their roofer.

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