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Metal Roofing

Benefits of a Metal Roof

Metal roofs can last up to 50+ years or more with little maintenance and may increase the resale value of your home. Metal roofing can protect your home against extreme temperatures, high winds, hail, and even fire. Residential metal roofs are available in a wide variety of styles, types, and colors. Metal roofs can make a bold statement or effortlessly complement any home and neighborhood. Metal roofing will also maintain its appearance much longer than other roofing materials. Metal is one of the most energy-efficient roofing materials available and can save up to 40% in energy costs! Metal Roofs are 100% recyclable at the end of their life. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly roofing option, you can’t go wrong with metal.

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While there are a lot of benefits to a metal roof, there can be cons. Keep in mind, a metal roof can be more costly than a shingle roof. The materials are typically more expensive than shingles, combined with the metal work and customization. However, benefits can pay off with less maintenance and repairs than a shingle roof. 

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When selecting the right residential roofing contractor, remember that price is just one component. You want a quality, experienced roofer who will be there for you in the future to take care of any issues, work with you on warranty claims, and treat you right. We are experts in insurance claims, and we work to ensure our customers get everything they should be from their insurance company.

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